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Johnny's Moving Trailers strives to make your move easier and less time consuming by providing you with sturdy, well built and spacious enclosed trailers that will cut down the back and forth trips between homes.  

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Choose the right size of trailer

"Bigger is better" or "more space is better than not enough space" You decide, and we'll provide. Johnny's Moving Trailers come in multiple sizes for your move. From large double axle trailers that are 7 feet wide and 14-16 feet long to smaller, single axle trailers that are just 6 feet by 12 feet. Our Moving Trailers are larger, taller, and more spacious than any local competitor, and our Trailers offer interior lighting so your move isn't halted just because it's dark. Avoid the awkward moment of asking your family member, your friend, or your co-worker "Can I borrow your trailer to move?"             


Instead Call/Text Johnny's Moving Trailers!

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Weekender Deal or Daily Rental


Surprise! Moving day usually seems to come upon us quicker than expected. Reserve an enclosed trailer early to guarantee a reduced number of back and forth trips from house to house. Johnny's Moving Trailers are available on a day by day (24 hour rental terms) basis starting at just $34.95 per day for a small Moving Trailer and $54.95 per day for a large one, or the more economical option, the "Weekender Deal" 


What is the Weekender Deal

It's convenience plain and simple! Your Moving Trailer rental starts on Friday at your pickup time and runs through the entire weekend until Monday, dropped off at the same time. No early morning, last minute rushing required. 


Reserve your date today!

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Delivery Available

No vehicle to tow with? No problem, Johnny's Moving Trailers can provide drop off, pick up, or transport services for your move. 


Delivery service works like this:


1. Johnny's Moving Trailers will deliver an enclosed trailer to your current home so you can load it at your own pace. 


2. You schedule a pick up time and we'll transport your belongings to your new home so you can unpack at your own pace.


3. All unpacked? Call or text Johnny's Moving Trailers and we will come pick up the emptied trailer. 


Easiest Move Ever!


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We Rent Enclosed Trailers

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