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Moving Sucks!! A Moving Trailer makes it not so sucky.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

We've all done it before... MOVED

Everyone of us as normal human beings would love to sit back and relax while a professional moving company boxes up everything in our home and then loads it all into a moving truck, THAT would be soo ideal.

Bringing us back down to reality, most of us will tackle the moving process like 93% of the rest of America, ON OUR OWN. Hopefully with the help of some loyal friends and families, but you get the jest of it.

Pack the boxes, wrap the breakables, stuff newspaper in the voids, label the boxes... and then what? Start loading everything into the car/truck, trip after trip after trip, it feels like it's never ending. Like the title says, Moving Sucks!


Well Johnny's Moving Trailers has a way to make moving less sucky.

Use an enclosed trailer to move. Packing, wrapping, labeling is unavoidable, but the back and forth trip after trips are. A moving trailer makes tons of sense. They are the best option for cutting down the time it take to move from your old house to your new house, into or out of a storage unit, or to just go pick up some new furniture or a kitchen table. Trailers are cost effective, just look at the amount of cubic footage you have to work with, a 7' x 14' x 7' tall moving trailer has roughly 686 cubic feet of room, imagine the boxes you could stack inside there.

This family took advantage of every cubic inch available, they were able to move their entire house in two trips. Far shorter time frame than they had planned on using their small Ford Ranger and a Suburban. The Suburban was plenty strong enough to pull a 7x14 trailer, luckily they had kids and other family members to help with the unavoidable parts of moving... the loading and unloading.

Moral of the story... Rent a Moving Trailer for your move. It really will make the entire move less stressful and it will move along quite fast. You'll be packed and moved in now time at all.

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